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Have Brewington Capital LLC connect you with private money institutions so that you can get the property you want. Our local investors help non-owner occupied residential and commercial real estate investors obtain the real estate they deserve to enjoy. With a little initial paperwork completed, you'll be right on track to becoming a homeowner. Contact our private money brokerage to secure your real estate loan today!

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We'll ask a little bit more about who you are, your experience in the industry, and your background. Once this information is in place, all you'll need to do is upload your information for the property when you return. We love repeat customers, and they are the driving force of our business. As a way to give back to you, if you have a 680 credit score or better, we will finance 100% of 70% of the ARV (After Repair Value), which is something no one else is offering right now.

Advantageous Private Money Lending

For those in the real estate business, having a quick, convenient, and reliable source of money is key to maintaining your business. By relying on the services of a private money broker like Brewington Capital LLC, you can secure a loan that will help you reach your business goals. We want to aid in your success and are there for you in the early stages of your investment.

Private money brokerage is the business of loaning wealth for investments secured through various mediums such as real estate. Our company can manage capital and issue loans similar to how a bank would. We look for potential in a property that can be purchased inexpensively and fixed for a reasonable price, which can then be sold for a nice profit.  We will focus on the potential profitability of your purchase rather than your financial history and credit score.

Trust in us to loan you the money you need for your property without jumping through hoops to get it. We have experience in dealing with different types of properties, the financial capability to provide loans, and short application processes.

Beneficiaries of Private Money Loans

Loans provided by private money lenders are typically offered to those who can secure the loan with a real estate asset.  We cater to those looking for short-term loans for buying and sometimes renovating an investment property. Our money lending policies are ideal for short-term fixes and property flippers who want to compete with a short timeline. Our services also benefit those who are long-term investors who want to rehabilitate a rental property, season the property, or renovate a property before refinancing with a conventional mortgage.

Avoid the strict list of requirements and the extensive timeline that can hinder the development of your property. Benefits of working with private money lenders are:

  • More Lenient Regulations
  • Easy Approval Processes
  • An Expedited Timeline
  • Easier Terms
  • Numerous Property Types
  • Flexibility

Your future real estate investments are sure to be a success when you count on a reputable private money lending company like Brewington Capital LLC.

Contact us  now to schedule an appointment with one of our associates. We at Brewington Capital LLC proudly serve customers worldwide.