Real Estate Investing

Streamline the process of real estate investing, and navigate the complicated world of private finance with the full suite of services offered by our broker. During times of economic upheaval and uncertainty, funding a real estate purchase through a traditional bank can prove challenging. Credit can become scarce at the same time many homes drop in value.

Capitalize on this prime opportunity to profit in the world of property investing with the rapid and reliable funding that our group provides. When you sit down for an investment property consultation with one of our knowledgeable representatives, you can identify which part of the Circle of Wealth you want to join. Tell us more about the type of income you wish to generate, and we will begin crafting a plan and a loan that fits your unique needs.

The longer you wait for some approval from a bank, the further you will fall behind in the race to profit. Choose a broker that specializes in private money lending for house flipping and real estate investment. With a commitment to hard work and a private source of funding for your next project, you can grow your portfolio and begin to help others find their path to the Circle of Wealth.

A Fix and Flip Loan Made Simple

The deal is what matters the most when you work with a leading source of private real estate funding. Whether you are flipping a home in an emerging neighborhood or looking to expand your business through the construction of a new location, our fast approach to funding makes the most sense. A deal with potential can be thwarted before it has a chance to succeed when you face the stringent requirements that most banks operate under.

Tell us more about your deal, and get the underwriting you need from an asset-based lender. Through our partnership with Cogo Capital, we can provide you with funding without considering your credit score. Our decision is based on the viability of the deal, not the credit score of the applicant.

Critical Commercial Real Estate Investing 

Take advantage of fleeting opportunities to profit in this ever-changing economic environment with the rapid approach to funding we employ. We take the time to learn as much as we can about your plan and your experience in the industry. As a private money brokerage (Link to Private Money), we have a level of flexibility that others lack. Our private lenders have proven experience in this area of finance, and we are offering terms that others are unable to match.

Contact us today for a free real estate investing consultation, and start building your portfolio. We proudly serve investors from across the nation.